McLaren 12C Can-Am goes in to production

The track only McLaren 12C – the 12C Can-Am – was revealed as a one-off at Pebble Beach but is now going in to limited production.

Photo of McLaren 12C Can-Am Edition

Back in the summer, McLaren revealed a on-off track day special aimed at the US market – the McLaren 12C Can-Am – which they took to Pebble Beach to gauge reaction  It was obviously positive as McLaren has now announced the 12C Can-Am is going in to limited production.

The 12C Can-Am is aimed at the lucrative track day market in the States, and without the constraints of any production series McLaren has been able to play as they wish.

That means the 12C Can-Am – developed by the McLaren GT Team which developed the 12C GT3 Race car – gets a new aerodynamic package that improves downforce by 30 per cent, including a carbon fibre splitter with winglets, a carbon fibre diffuser and huge rear spoiler.

McLaren has had a play with the ECU to up power to 621bhp and brought the 12C Can-Am in at just 1200kg. A new braking system from Akebono, Pirelli slicks, racing steering wheel, six-point harness, rollcage and lots of interior carbon fibre completes the 12C Can-Am package.

Andrew Kirkaldy, McLaren GT’s MD, said:

The 12C Can-Am Edition concept shown at Pebble Beach earlier this year was purely that, a one-off design study. However, the reaction and response following the unveil was remarkable. It is a real testament to the performance and results of the McLaren GT customer teams this year, still only in the debut competitive season, that there is such a strong demand for this type of track-day special.

There will be just 30 McLaren 12C Can-Ams – each costing £375,000 – and production starts in Woking in March 2013.

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