McLaren Automotive Launch – LIVE on Cars UK

McLaren Press Conference Live

McLaren Press Conference Live on Cars UK

Cars UK is running a live transmission of a press conference by McLaren entitled ‘Inside McLaren – The Launch of a New Car Company’ on 18th March. Sounds interesting

I know, it’s more than a year since we reported that Ron Dennis was stepping down from his involvement in McLaren F1 to ‘Spend more time with the Family New Cars’ and almost a year since we reported that McLaren Automotive was being created as an independent company. So it seems a little odd to run a headline that says ‘McLaren Automotive Launch‘ when we’ve known about it for a year.

But that year has been a busy one for Ron Dennis and the team at Woking. We’ve seen the McLaren MP4-12C revealed – with more detail being revealed a bit at a time – and only last week we had some proper footage of MP4-12Cs out testing. So the MP4-12C gets closer. We’ve had Ron talking about where McLaren have come from – and where they’re at – in terms of road cars back in September.

We know that there will be a McLaren below the MP4-12C – aimed at cars like the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8 – and that there will be a a halo model above the MP4-12C – the new McLaren F1. What we don’t have is any real detail. There have been hints and speculation and Ron Dennis himself has confirmed that the MP4-12C is just one of a range of cars.

So we’re hoping that we’ll get some real details from Ron and the team in a press conference scheduled for 18th March which McLaren have billed as ‘Inside McLaren – The Launch of a New Car Company’. And because it sounds promising –  and we might actually get some real detail – we’ve arranged to transmit it live on Cars UK.

For now, the player below will just run a teaser loop. But it will go live before the press conference is due at 10.30AM (UK time) on 18th March. We’ll probably trailer it on the front page nearer the time, but if you bookmark this page you can come back then.

Inside McLaren – The Launch of a New Car Company – Live on Cars UK

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