McLaren MP4-12C High Sport – a very special MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C High Sport

The five McLaren MP4-12C High Sports created for one customer

McLaren has produced a very special run of just five MP4-12C cars with cosmetic and power upgrades – the McLaren MP4-12C.

Those who’ve driven the McLaren MP4-12C all say the same thing; it’s the most civilised supercar on the planet.

That may not suit the small minority looking for foibles in their supercar, but for those who want awesome power and  stunning build quality in a car that cossets and soothes when you hair’s not on fire, the MP4-12C is a stunning choice. And now there’s a notch up from the regular MP4-12C – the McLaren MP4-12C High Sport.

Just five MP4-12C High Sport cars have been created by McLaren for one customer (which we assume to be a US McLaren dealer) with a raft of cosmetic changes and tweaks to create an even more impressive MP4-12C than the standard car.

Taking cues from the MP4-12C GT3, the High Sport gets an aero package with a new nose, new back bumper, bigger air vents, new diffuser and a new rear wing as well as a set of bespoke alloys. The aerodynamic tweaks, together with a swift turn of the dial on the turbo, result in a more aggressive-looking MP4-12C that doesn’t just talk the talk but can walk the walk with an extra 75bhp on tap.

McLaren hasn’t revealed any performance details for the MP4-12C High Sport – and nor have they told us how much it costs to turn a regular MP4-12C in to a High Sport – but of you do want and MP4-12C to the same spec you’ll have to talk nicely to McLaren Special Operations – and take a healthy bank balance with you.

Many thanks to McLaren and Tomirri Photography for the use of the photos in the High Sport photo gallery below.

McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Photo Gallery

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