McLaren MP4 12C Review – with Hamilton and Button

TheMcLaren MP4-12C with Button and Hamilton

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton get to play with the McLaren MP4-12C. Video below

McLaren Automotive officially launched today together with lots of detail on the McLaren MP4-12C and we have a video review if the new McLaren by Messrs Button and Hamilton.

Today Cars UK hosted the McLaren press conference to officially launch McLaren Automotive as a Supercar manufacturer, and give the first proper outing to the first car created by the new company – the McLaren MP4 12C. Did we find out anything earth shatteringly new? No, not really.

But we did get lots of details on the MP4-12C. And the opinion (in no way biased, of course) of current F1 World Champion Jenson Button and last years World Champion Lewis Hamilton. Although from the look of it they didn’t have to be remotley encouraged to praise and flatter the MP4-12C. It looks a cracker.

We now have confirmed that the McLaren MP4-12C will be lighter than the competition, less polluting, more efficient and made in fewer numbers than cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia or the Mercedes SLS AMG. It will cost less than £175k when it hits showrooms next year sold by just 35 dealers worldwide (from an aspirational 600 applications) . There have already been 1600 serious expressions of interest for the MP4-12C. So with only 1,000 cars a year being built demand and exclusivity is guaranteed.

The press release on the launch of  McLaren Automotive is huge, and includes every bit of detail you could possibly want. You can also still watch the press conference and the video below with Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton playing with the McLaren MP4-12C at Goodwood. Later we’ll put up some new photo galleries. A complete McLaren  MP4-12C Fest

McLaren MP4-12C Button and Hamilton Review Video

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