March 3, 2015

McLaren MP4-12C – the website +video

McLaren has launched a new website concentrating on the new MP4-12C

McLaren has launched a new website concentrating on the new MP4-12C

McLaren has launched a new website for the MP4-12C and we have video of the doors on the MP4-12C in action.

We had the whole McLaren MP4-12C reveal a couple of weeks ago. Lots of information and lots of photos. We even had a couple of videos, including one of Ron Dennis espousing the glory of McLaren (which isn’t as bad as it sounds). But the problem for McLaren is maintaining interest in a car they’ve revealed but which won’t hit showrooms until 2011. So they’ve launched a new website.

Which is actually a good website. It has reams of good information and lots of images. I wouldn’t try using it from a dial-up connection, as it’s heavy on flash and imagery, but if you have a half decent connection it’s worth a play. There’s sections about the weight savings made with the MP4-12C, the efficient performance, the design and the driving dynamics. There’s even a configurator for the MP4-12C – but it’s not working yet. Still, plenty of time to configure your new McLaren as it’s more than a year away.

McLaren has also issued a new video of the MP4-12C. But don’t get too excited – it only shows how the doors open. Not exactly designed to blow you away, but it’s a start. I just hope they don’t go overboard with the extensive tease and give us next to no information in an endless series of teaser videos.

But the website’s worth a look – McLaren Automotive.

McLaren MP4-12C doors in action video

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