Mercedes A45 AMG: Geneva Motor Show 2013

The Mercedes A45 AMG – Mercedes first proper ‘Hot Hatch’ – has been revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. On sale July 2013.

Mercedes A45 AMG Geneva debut photo

We had the reveal of the new Mercedes A45 AMG last month, but Mercedes have now given the A45 AMG its first public outing at Geneva. And it does look promising.

The makeover from regular A Class to A45 AMG is relatively subtle by hot hatch standards, but its enough, with its more aggressive body kit, big alloys, red callipers and tail pipes to make you realise the A45 means business.

That business is to take the fight to premium hot hatches from BMW and Audi, and with the world’s highest horsepower per litre engine in a production car under the bonnet – a 2.0 litre turbo with 355bhp and 332lb’ft of torque – the A45 can get to 62mph in 4.6 seconds.

But there will be no scrabbling of the front wheels as the A45 tries valiantly to put its impressive power down, as Mercedes has given the A45 AMG four wheel drive, with power going to all four wheels through Mercedes’ seven-speed dual-clutch auto ‘box, and it can split power equally between axles.

That should make for cracking grip and decent handling in a car that is, when you’re not blatting it blissfully down a country road, capable of 34mpg.

There’s a convincing case for picking the new A45 AMG over any of the competition (well, until we drive it we can’t be 100 per cent sure) even if it’s likely to cost close to £40k when it goes on sale in the UK in July.

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  1. Sacha says

    I would take the A45 AMG too it would be much easier to drive in London than the M3 and it looks better too.

  2. Sara James says

    I think I might agree with Oblivious. What I can’t believe is how far away it is from the old A Class!!

  3. Tramp12 says

    First instinct was that there’s no coimparison but if you can live with a smaller car it’s not a bad idea and you could always trade it next year when the new M3 arrives if it’s not up to expectations.

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