Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo: 5 to be built – unless Mercedes set their lawyers loose

The Mercedes AMG Vision Grand Turismo – the one-off supercar from Gran Turismo 6 – is heading for a limited run of 5 cars. Possibly.

Photo Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo

There are plans to make the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo (pictured) a reality

With the launch of Gran Turismo 6, Mercedes took the opportunity to build a one-off version of the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo Supercar, and took it off to the Los Angeles Auto Show to sprinkle a bit of Gran Turismo fairy dust on proceedings.

There are no plans by Mercedes to build the stunning looking AMG Vision Gran Turismo, but that hasn’t stopped Florida company J & S Worldwide Holdings from stepping up and offering a short run of recreations of the car.

J & S are advertising their take on the AMG Vision Gran Turismo on James List and say they are going to build just five cars – 2 for Europe, 2 for the Middle East and 1 for the USA – and say they’ve already sold one.

The asking price is a quite strong $1,500,000 (around £900k) for which you’ll get a Mercedes SLS AMG GT with a custom carbon fibre body, a set of forged alloys from ADV, custom exhaust and paint job and an interior (slightly) titivated to suit the buyer.

The trouble is, there’s no way J & S have permission from Mercedes to do this, and we really can’t see Mercedes sitting back and letting J & S build what they’ve designed. J & S will no doubt be getting a strongly-worded letter from Mercedes’ lawyers any time soon.

So, nice idea – but we really can’t see it happening.

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