March 1, 2015

Mercedes GLC Coupe SUV /Crossover planned

It looks like Mercedes-Benz are planning a coupe version of the next GLK – dubbed the Mercedes GLC – to take on the BMW X4.

Mercedes GLC Coupe SUV /Crossover planned

Mercedes GLC Coupe SUV /Crossover planned

Four-door coupe versions of saloon cars have become a strong seller in the last few years, and now swoopy coupe SUVs are following the same path after the success of the BMW X6.

BMW are building an X3 Coupe in the BMW X4, Mercedes are planning a Coupe version of the ML – the Mercedes MLC – and now they’re heading in to a fight with the BMW X4 by planning a coupe version of the next GLK – the Mercedes GLC.

Car & Driver are reporting Mercedes’ plans to build a coupe version of the next GLK – which will already be a lot less boxy than the current GLK – and expected to hit Mercedes showrooms by 2016.

Based on the new C-Class platform, the new GLC would come with a wide range of 4 and 6 cylinder engine options, and probably a hybrid version too, all mated to a nine-speed auto ‘box, but although the GLK will be offered with 2WD as well as 4WD it seems the higher-priced GLC will only get the Mercedes 4WD 4MATIC option.

It’s a logical extension of the Mercedes SUV/Crossover portfolio, and although it’s way behind the Range Rover Evoque – and even the new BMW X4 – it stands a good chance of mopping up sales from style-conscious buyers.

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