Mercedes S600 Pullman – 6 versions planned?

New Mercedes S600 Pullman

New Mercedes S600 Pullman rendered

The Mercedes S600 Pullman – arriving in 2013/14 to replace the unloved Maybach – will come in a range of six versions.

The demise of Maybach has finally been confirmed, with Mercedes-Benz deciding to concentrate its Rolls and Bentley bashing plans on the S-Class, with plans to add a range-topping Pullman model to the new S-Class when it arrives in 2013.

We had thought it likely that Mercedes would offer just a proper halo S Class Pullman in the shape of an S600 Pullman with a thumping great V12 nestling up front. But the guys over at Auto Bild claim to have knowledge that the Pullman offerings will be much more extensive.

They’re reporting that there will actually be six different Pullman models on offer in the next S-Class. Top of the heap will be the S600 Pullman we expected – with a 650bhp V12 – at a huge 21 feet long (slightly longer than the current Maybach 67) and a set of fold down, rear-facing seats in the back. But there are going to be several more models with less impressive powerplants.

Amazingly, it’s said the entry point for S-Class Pullman goodness will be a lowly four-pot turbo with just 204bhp. That’s C-Class levels of power and seems likely to do nothing but devalue the Pullman badge. Also available will be two hybrid models, one for Europe with with the 204bhp diesel lump and an electric motor plus a petrol V6 hybrid for America and China, and presumably two other models with engines plucked from somewhere in the S Class lineup to make up the six versions.

We’d expect Auto Bild to be quite plugged-in to what’s happening at Mercedes, but we do find the wide span of engines claimed for the Pullman a bit of an odd route. Maybach has struggled to make its mark as a real hyper-luxury marque, and endowing a Mercedes S-Class Pullman with a 200bhp four-pot engine seems to be asking for the Pullman badge to end up going the same way as Maybach.

But then, it’s all just speculation.

Source: Auto Bild

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