Mercedes SLK (2012) Undisguised

The Mercedes SLK 2011 Spy

The Mercedes SLK 2011/2012 - almost undisguised

We have spy shots in of the next generation SLK – the 2012 Mercedes SLK – which show a car with a new nose, reshaped flanks and tweaked back end.

Considering we’re not actually expecting the next generation Mercedes SLK to hit the roads until 2012 – although it will surface in 2011 – we’ve been picking up spy shots of the latest SLK for quite some time. More than a year ago we brought you spy shots of the 2012 Mercedes SLK, but that was on track and quite camouflaged. But the latest shots are practically undisguised.

The next generation SLK is very much an evolution of the current car rather than a clean slate. In comes the new family nose we’re starting to see everywhere from the C Class to the SLS, and there’s some redefining of the flanks and back end. It also looks like Mercedes has decided to stick with a two piece folding tin top.

Under the bonnet there should be a new set of engines for the next SLK. Expect the starting point to be the latest turbo 1.8 – the 1.8 litre CGI. We had a low-fat version of this in a couple of weeks ago when we did a review of the Mercedes C180 CGI, and a very good lump it is. In the SLK we’d expect to see the 1.8 Turbo delivering 200bhp.

Also expected for the first time in an SLK is a diesel lump. Times change, so an oil-burning SLK is no longer a daft idea. Particularly if, as expected, Mercedes drops in the 2.4 litre diesel with 200bhp. And at the top end – as we reported when we brought you spy shots of the SLK in 2009 – expect to see Mercedes’ 3.5 litre V6 turbo with around 475bhp as the AMG version.

Looking good.

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