Mercedes SLS AMG – Dancing on the ceiling

The Mercedes SLS AMG

The Mercedes SLS AMG can 'Dance on the Ceiling'

Mercedes has released a video of the Mercedes SLS AMG driving upside down on the roof of a tunnel.

Every car maker wanting to boast about the ground-effect prowess of their cars will claim they could – in the right circumstances – drive upside down on the roof of a tunnel.

But to the best of our knowledge it’s never actually been done. Clarkson had a bash in a Twingo in Belfast in the last series of Top Gear, and every F1 team will claim their cars can manage it. But Mercedes has decided to put it to the test with the Mercedes SLS AMG.

The video is slickly done – as you would expect from Mercedes. Lots of pre-amble and setup shots; nervous-looking driver; lots of safety crew and rescue bods floating around; high-tech instrumentation all over the place. It looks completely convincing.

But we’re certain it’s not. This is just a clever trailer for the SLS AMG with liberal doses of CGI thrown in to make a spectacular feat look entirely plausible.

Still, worth the watch.

Mercedes SLS AMG Upside Down Video

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