Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing – the Website

Mercedes has launched a website to promote the SLS AMG Gullwing

Mercedes has launched a website to promote the SLS AMG Gullwing

Mercedes has created a website for the SLS AMG Gullwing, with enormous detail on the new 563bhp Supercar.

This last week has seen a gradual reveal of all things Mercedes SLS AMG. We’ve had months of information trickles, but on Wednesday we had a leak of the official pictures of the SLS, followed not too long after by the full raft of SLS official pictures from Mercedes.

As well as the pictures we also had the SLS AMG Press Release for those who want every nut and bolt detail put together by Mercedes. But now Mercedes has gone one better, and put up a Mercedes SLS AMG Website (well, a micro-site anyway) so those that are mesmerised by Mercedes’ 21st century recreation of the legendary 300SL can get their fix of all things SLS between now and 2011 when the SLS is likely to hit the roads.

The website’s not a proper configurator as such, rather a complete encyclopedia of all things SLS –  from technology to interior – with lots of images and detail.

So if you lust after the SLS go play. It’ll while away an hour or two. But you will need a half-reasonable connection to get it to load. If you’re struggling at the end of a slow broadband connection or, heaven forbid, dial-up, you could be waiting an age for it to load.

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