Mercedes SLS AMG – production begins

The Mercedes SLS AMG Production

The Mercedes SLS AMG has gone in to production in Germany

Mercedes has started full production of the SLS AMG ready for the first cars to arrive with customers at the end of March in Germany.

I don’t know why – as Mercedes hadn’t previously announced it – but we guessed that they’d already started to put the Mercedes SLS AMG in to production ready for the first customer cars to start hitting in the Spring. But apparently they’ve only just started.

The SLS AMG is due to arrive in Germany at the end of March at a base price of €177,310 and is being produced at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfengen, Germany. But the complete car isn’t being built there as Magna are putting together the chassis and aluminium body at their plant in Austria.

And the engines aren’t made in Sindelfengen either. They’re the responsibility of Mercedes’ AMG division in Affalterbach who produce the 6.3 litre, 571bhp V8 and then ship it off to Sindelfengen – where it meets up with the chassis and body from Austria – and the whole car is bolted together ready to roll out to the lucky customers.

But if customers start to emulate the Mercedes trick of doing a loop the loop in the SLS AMG they may have to ramp up production to replace the mangled cars.

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