Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Configurator Live

The Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Configurator goes live

The Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Configurator - while away the hours...

Mercedes has revealed a configurator for the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster where you can configure your perfect car and even play with the throttle.

This last month, and in particular the last ten days, the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster has cropped up here on an almost daily basis.

We got the first official – but slightly disguised – photos of the SLS Roadster at the beginning of May, but by the end of the month we’d had the real deal of an official reveal with a gallery full of photos of the soft-top SLS.

Throw in to the mix a video of the SLS AMG Roadster strutting its stuff to great effect and you’d think we’d covered all the bases. But not quite. You haven’t had the chance to build your own SLS Roadster yet. But now you can.

Just days after the proper reveal of the Roadster Mercedes has put up a nice configurator so you can go and play and see if you can make a mess of how the SLS looks.

We’ve tried quite hard, but whatever wheels, interior or paint job we give the SLS it still ends up looking like the best Roadster to come out of Mercedes in… well, a very long time.

The look is helped by the muted colour palette on offer (although we have no doubt that if your bank account is healthy enough Mercedes will give you one in sky blue pink with yellow dots), but it’s the fundamental balance of line that the Roadster possesses that appeals so much.

It really doesn’t matter whether you have the readies to stump up for the SLS Roadster or not, configuring it to suit your Summer plans is a great way to waste a boring bit of the day.

And even better, you get to stamp on the throttle and listen to 6.2 litres of bellowing V8.

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