Mercedes SLS AMG: The UK Video

The Mercedes SLS AMG UK

The Mercedes SLS AMG - the UK Promo Video below

Mercedes has sent us the first UK promotional video for the SLS AMG Gullwing.


Now that things are finally starting to Rock ‘n’ Roll for the new Mercedes SLS AMGMercedes actually started building it in January – we’re getting some UK-specific stuff, which makes a change from Auto Bild telling the world the SLS AMG is the best looking car in existence.

Mind you, it’s not bad looking. The video we have here – which is the first UK SLS AMG push we’ve seen – is nicely lit and edited (even if there is some CGI in there) and it certainly does the SLS no harm on the looks front. Not quite as impressive as the SLS driving on the ceiling video, but a decent watch.

Mercedes are doing a good job getting the SLS in to the minds of enthusiasts and potential buyers. We’ve run something like thirty stories on the SLS in the last fifteen months – about one a fortnight – many of which have come from Mercedes either sending us information or making a story ‘Known’. So for a niche car they’ve been busy bunnies on the promo front.

But although the SLS AMG is a niche car it’s also a halo car. And a halo car sets the tone for the brand. A successful halo shines a glow on the rest of the range and makes it more credible in the eyes of buyers – just look what the R8 has done for Audi in the last few years.

So, next stage in the SLS AMG push – the SLS AMG UK promo. Enjoy

Mercedes SLS AMG UK Promo Video

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