Merdad vision of the Range Rover Evoque – the Evoque Mer-Nazz

Range Rover Evoque Merdad Evoque Mer-Nazz

The Merdad Evoque Mer-Nazz

British car customiser Merdad has taken his pen to the Range Rover Evoque and come up with his own version – the Merdad Evoque Mer-Nazz.

We’re already starting to see the first efforts of the pimpers, tuners, modders and customisers on the new Range Rover Evoque surfacing, and the latest is the Merdad Evoque Mer-Nazz

Regular readers with good memories will remember Merdad as the man unfortunate enough to be the UK arm of the Gemballa operation when everything went wrong for Uwe Gemballa.

That meant the end of Gemballa in the UK, but Merdad has bounced back with his now eponymous company to create extreme cars for those with tastes for more unsubtle forms of car customisation.

Merdad’s first effort was a very Gembala-esque two-door Cayenne, but he went British with a subsequent effort when he created the McLaren MP4-12C MehRon, which we took to be an homage to Ron Dennis.

But now we have the equally oddly named Evoque Mer-Nazz, and we’re not too sure what to make of it, or its name.

As you would expect from Merdad, the Evoque has been given a serious dose of butch pills, with bulging wheel arches, big sills, new bumpers and a new bonnet with a variety of vents.

Out back Merdad has created a couple of big air vents, added a diffuser and shoved on a big roof spoiler. To top it all off, there’s a choice of giant 22″ wheels.

We’ve no doubt the interior is due some Merdad love too – probably lots of Alcantara – but Merdad doesn’t appear to have got as far as doing the interior on his Photoshop yet.

But there is far more chance that the Merdad Evoque will find its way from Merdad’s laptop and in to the real world than there is of the Merdad McLaren doing the same. There’s every likelihood half of Cheshire will be queueing for a Merdad makeover on the Evoque, with or without the likely power modifications.

So far, no prices on this very ‘individual’ Range Rover Evoque.

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