MINI Countryman Coupe to be production version of MINI Paceman

MINI Countryman Coupe

The MINI Paceman will become the MINI Countryman Coupe for production

It looks like the production version of the MINI Paceman Concept is going to be the MINI Countryman Coupe.

Yes, it is hard to keep track of MINI’s models, never mind their never ending concepts. Despite that you may remember the MINI Paceman that arrived at Detroit last year and which, at the time, we referred to as a MINI Countryman Coupe. Which it was.

And that descriptions turns out to be prophetic with the news that’s exactly what MINI are going to call the Pacemen when it goes in to production.

The MINI Countryman Coupe will debut at the Paris Motor Show in September before going on sale. And. as you would probably expect, we’re likely to see a complete range of MINI Countryman Coupes in the fullness of time. from a Countryman Coupe One to a Countryman Coupe JCW, especially as the Paceman came equipped with the powerplant from the JCW.

A Paris debut for the Countryman Coupe could also be joined in Paris by the first reveal of the third generation MINI, but it’s expected that the current MINI platform will continue to be used for the Countryman (and Coupe), MINI Roadster and MINI Coupe for a while longer.

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