MINI Countryman – UK prices

The MINI Countryman

The MINI Countryman. UK prices and specs released

MINI has released price and specification details for the MINI Countryman in the UK.

We had the reveal of the MINI Countryman last month and we got plenty of detail but no UK prices. We’ve seen the Euro prices out in the wild last week and BMW have now got round to letting us know what they want to relieve us of for a Countryman in the UK.

Just for a change we have a nice round price for the entry-level MINI Countryman – the MINI Countryman One – at £16,000. None of the daft £15,995 but a clear price point. Mind you, that doesn’t follow on for the rest of the range. They all have the usual odd price points including £17,510 for the MINI Countryman Cooper and the MINI Countryman Cooper S at £20,810. These prices are of course for the bog-standard spec. Start adding a few goodies from the options list and you’ll soon see the Cooper S drifting up towards mid-£20k figures.

On offer at launch are a choice of three petrol and three diesel engines, ranging from the 89bhp MINI Countryman One D to 181bhp in the Cooper S. There are two All4 (4WD) MINI Countrymans on offer at launch – the Cooper D ALL4 and Cooper S ALL4 – with a third to be added – the MINI Cooper ALL4 – in 2012.

We’ve put the the prices for the launch cars below – together with some specs – but as BMW has thrown a pile of bumph our way we’ve posted the MINI Countryman UK prices press release so you can have a nose at that as well.

The MINI Countryman goes on sale in the UK in September.

MINI Countryman UK Price and Specification

MINI Countryman One

  • hp@ rpm: 98 @4,750
  • Nm@rpm: 153@3,000
  • 0-62 mph: 12.7
  • Top speed mph: 109
  • Mpg**: 47.9
  • CO² g/km: 137
  • OTR Price: £16,000

MINI Countryman Cooper

  • hp@ rpm: 122@6,000
  • Nm@rpm:160@4,250
  • 0-62 mph: 10.5
  • Top speed mph: 118
  • Mpg**: 46.3
  • CO² g/km:142
  • OTR Price: £17,510

MINI Countryman Cooper S

  • hp@ rpm:184@5,500
  • Nm@rpm: 240@1,600*
  • 0-62 mph: 7.4
  • Top speed mph: 133
  • Mpg**: 44.8
  • CO² g/km:146
  • OTR Price: £20,810

MINI Countryman One D

  • hp@ rpm: 90@4,000
  • Nm@rpm: 215@1,750
  • 0-62 mph: 13.2
  • Top speed mph: Top speed mph 105
  • Mpg**: 65.7
  • CO² g/km:116
  • OTR Price: £17,000

MINI Countryman Cooper D

  • hp@ rpm: 112@4,000
  • Nm@rpm: 270@1,750
  • 0-62mph:10.9
  • Top speed mph: 112
  • Mpg**: 64.2
  • CO² g/km:116
  • OTR Price: £18,810

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