More 2014 Range Rover Sport pictures arrive ahead of New York reveal

With just a few hours to go before the 2014 Range Rover Sport makes its live debut driving through New York, we have more official photos of Land Rover’s new sporty RR.

2014 Range Rover Sport photo

We had the first official photos of the 2014 Range Rover leak out this morning, effectively putting the final nail in the coffin of Land Rover’s launch of the new Range Rover Sport tonight.

So with all the leaks that have gone on with the new RRS we thought we might as well post a few more photos of the new Range Rover Sport that have dropped in to our inbox tonight.

This time the photos are higher resolution and include studio shots which gives us a better view of the detail on the new Sport, much of which is either from the new Range Rover or the Evoque, tweaked and made individual to the Sport.

Tonight’s New York debut will see the first official release of photos and specifications for the new Range Rover Sport, and we’ll report more on that later.

2014 Range Rover Sport Pictures

But it seems it won’t just be the new Range Rover Sport on offer at the New York launch. Rumour has it that James Bond actor Daniel Craig will parachute in to NYC (wonder where they got that idea from) to reveal the new Range Rover Sport to the city that never sleeps.

More later.

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  1. Brendan says

    Looks good and appears to offer a 7 seat version judging by the photos. If the new Range Rover Sport drives well I’m sold.

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