New Astra Convertible in 2013 & built in Poland

Astra GTC Concept Paris

Astra GTC Concept - chop the top off and you've got the new Astra Convertible.

Vauxhall/Opel reveals that they will be launching the Astra Convertible in 2013 – built in Poland

Last year we had the Astra GTC Concept at the Paris Motor Show which was the 3-door Astra in all but name. And now – in all but name – Vauxhall confirms the production of a the Astra Convertible by telling us there will be a ‘New Convertible’ in 2013.

Did they think we might guess it was going to be the Meriva they were chopping the top off?

Again, although Vauxhall don’t say so, the New Astra Convertible will be last year’s Astra GTC (pictured above) with the top chopped off. It will join other new Vauxhall/Opel products launching in the next couple of years including the Zafira Touring and Ampera. There will also be a City Car popping up in that timeframe.

Which is all very good for GM Europe, even if the Vauxhall end of that will probably not be too chuffed that the Astra Convertible will be built in Gliwice, Poland.

Unlike all the other Astras that are built here in Ellesmere Port.

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