New Bentley V8: More details

The Bentley Continental GT 2011

The Bentley Continental GT 2011 - V8 to come

It’s being reported that the new Bentley V8 – designed for the Continental GT – will be offered as a 415bhp and 555bhp. Which could mean the end of the W12 in the Continental GT.

No, this isn’t about the new V8 Bentley made for the Mulsanne. That V8 owes much to the 6¾ litre Bentley V8 that was spawned 300 years ago from a defunct lump of American iron and – although more powerful and efficient than its progenitor – very much designed to be an engine for a sporting limo.

This is about the new Bentley V8 which is bound for the 2011 Bentley Continental GT. The new Bentley V8 which is designed to be an entry-level lump for the Continental GT and its variants. Except we doubt that’s its only reason to be. But the extra detail first.

Autocar are reporting a source giving them more detail on the new Bentley V8. It seems that the entry-level V8 will come in with a single turbo version delivering 415bhp. A very sensible starting point for the Continental GT, and one that will still row the very heavy GT along adequately.

The interesting bit is a more powerful version of that V8. Back in October – when we first reported that Bentley, in collaboration with Audi, were developing a new V8 for the Continental GT – we asked if the new Bentley V8 would mean the end of the Bentley W12. And we think it might.

Because Autocar are reporting that the twin-turbo version of the V8 will develop 555bhp, within a whisker of the W12’s 567bhp. With emissions and fuel consumption up to 40% better than the W12, we can’t see any way Bentley could justify continuing with the W12.

Except perhaps in the Bentley Continental Supersports.

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