New BMW M5 – now on video

2012 BMW M5 Video

2012 BMW M5 (F10) on track

Just a few days after the official reveal of then 2012 BMW M5 (F10) we get the first video of BMW’s new M5 on track.

We had the leak of the 2012 BMW M5 photos, quickly followed by a mammoth photo gallery with more pictures than even the most fervent BMW fan could need. And now it’s the video.

And really, until we (and maybe you?) get to see it next week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, this is as good as it gets. And we have to say: the new M5 does look very good.

The video isn’t exactly epic in length, but despite its brevity it does give you a very good idea of what the M5 is about.

It’s about a subtly aggressive stance, with sills that shout the M5’s intent and air vents big enough to gulp in all the air the new, twin-turbo V8 will devour.

It will hit 62mph in just 4.4 seconds and twice that in 13 seconds. Top speed is limited to the pointless 155mph, but if you cough up for the M Drivers Package that limit goes and you can power on to 190mph.

All that power goes through BMW’s seven-speed dual-clutch ‘box with slick paddleshifts and a built-in launch mode. BMW promise that this M5 will be a less cumbersome beast around town than the V10 M5 was, but an animal when the open road beckons.

It all sounds very promising, and the video just tempts further.

2012 BMW M5 Video

2012 BMW M5 Photo Gallery

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  1. MrShoeLace says

    E63 AMG sounds so much better. I feel let down with the F10. The E60’s V10 made the most beautiful noise. This doesn’t even compare.

  2. Chrisluvjh says

    BMW should have bolted a turbo on to the V10 from the old M5 and there we have it – the fastest 4 door saloon in the world.

  3. Illyrian says

    I expected more from the BMW designers. The old M5 was good looking and this one is good but looks like it was made in 2000 not a 2012 model.

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