New Ferrari Enzo (F70/FX70) will get V8

The next generation Enxo (F70/FX70) will get a turbo V8

The next generation Enxo (F70/FX70) will get a turbo V8

Cars UK has been told that Ferrari has decided that the next Enzo – dubbed F70/FX70 – will definitely get a turbo charged V8 and not a V12.

After chatting with a number of Ferrari contacts a week or two ago, we reported on the progress of the Enzo’s successor (codenamed F70/FX70). One issue that has Ferrari aficionados concerned is whether or not Ferrari will use a V12 in their new Supercar or go for a V8 with forced induction.

Our sources at Ferrari have told us that both options are being developed. The V12 is said to develop  up to 800bhp and is favoured by the ‘Heart’ of Ferrari. But being developed alongside the V12 is a forced induction V8 developing in the region of 700bhp which is the option that is favoured by the ‘Head’. It seems the ‘Head’ has won.

Although this news doesn’t come from within Ferrari as such, it does come to us from a very reliable source. The source is one of Ferrari’s favoured clientèle; one of those guys who Ferrari calls about new cars, and not the other way round where you beg Ferrari to deign to sell you one of their new Supercars. And this guy has been asked if he wants a new Enzo. Which he does.

Of course, if you’re going to get the new Enzo you ask a few questions. One of the first questions is ‘What engine does it have?’ The answer that came was ‘V8’. The follow-up question was also a given – ‘What about turbo lag?. The reply? ‘Turbo lag is no longer an issue’.

So it seems as if we’re back to the F40 days with a turbo-charged Supercar in the next Enzo. Will that stop those fortunate few individuals who get the call from buying? Of course not. But there will be an outcry from the Ferrari aficionados.

The V12 would have been nice, though.

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