New Ford Fiesta ECOnetic starts production

New Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

New Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

The latest versions of the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic have gone in to production, offering 86mpg and 87g/km CO2.

When we reviewed Ford’s first Fiesta ECOnetic we were impressed that, at least if you were prepared to drive wi8th a very light foot, you could get 70mpg out of a comfortable and fun Fiesta. But we did say that ECOnetic should be an engine choice and not a model choice.

Ford has now put that right with the ECOnetic option available across the new Fiesta range with a variety of trims and specifications. But they’ve gone one better than that by tweaking the new Fiesta ECOnetic to be even more frugal than the original.

Ford announced back in September that they were planning an even more parsimonious ECOnetic setup and have now announced the new Fiesta ECOnetic has started rolling off the production line.

The new Fiesta ECOnetic has had a raft of changes to make it use a little less fuel and emit a little less CO2 including Stop-Start, upgrades to the 1.6 TDi diesel engine, revised gear ratios, smart regenerative charging, and EcoMode and more efficient HVAC. That all adds up to headline figures of 87g/km and 85.6mpg.

Not only can you now have the new Fiesta ECOnetic with either Edge, Zetec or Titanium trim levels – so you don’t need to wear a hair shirt to be frugal if you don’t want to – you can now grab a FiestaVan ECOnetic too to be frugal at work.

Prices for the Fiesta ECOnetic start at £14,445 and the FiestaVan ECOnetic at £12,215 and Ford say both are now on sale in the UK.

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