March 4, 2015

New Ford Ranger at Goodwood – Ford Goodwood News

Goodwood are using the new Ford Ranger as support vehicle at the Festival of Speed

Goodwood are using the new Ford Ranger as support vehicle at the Festival of Speed

We tend to think of Goodwood as all high-performance cars and classic cars. But things can and do go wrong, so support vehicles are a necessity. Rolls Royce has supplied a Phantom Coupe to the Goodwood Festival of Speed as the official Course Car, but Ford is supplying a vehicle with a much more prosaic purpose – the New Ford Ranger – to act as support for the Festival.

The new Ford Ranger is Ford’s latest pick-up and comes in a number of guises. Ford are supplying a total of six new Rangers is single cab, double cab and Thunder derivatives and, with its 3,000kg towing capacity and decent off-road abilities, it’s a good choice for Goodwood support. Plus of course it gives Ford a showcase for the new Ranger ahead of its UK launch in September.

But it’s not just the new Ford Ranger that Ford are bringing along to Goodwood. Ford has a long association with the Festival of Speed, and this year are – not surprisingly – bringing along the Ford Focus RS, which will compete in the Goodwood Hillclimb event.

But for us old fogies, the news that Ford are bringing along the iconic MK1 Escort Mexico – it of the 1970 London-Mexico Rally – to do the Hillclimb is the real draw. But even better is that they’ve roped in Hannu Mikkola to drive.

Now there’s Ford Nostalgia.

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