New Jaguar XJ – Driving in London

The new Jaguar XJ on the road

The new Jaguar XJ on the road

You’ve probably read all there is to read on here on the new Jaguar XJ. We have to agree that it’s a brilliant car – although the final proof will be how it drives, which won’t be getting a chance to do until later in the year – and we are blown away by the design of both the interior and exterior.

And it’s a ‘grower’. There have been a few negative remarks on the site – although they are very much the minority – but this car does look better the more you see it. We think that many of those who dislike it at first will change their minds when they see it on the roads.

So we thought it might help if the doubters saw a bit of footage of the new Jaguar XJ on the road. This is amateur footage shot at the time of the launch last week in London, and you can see two new Jaguar XJ’s making their way to the Saatchi Gallery in the Kings Road. You can hear some pretty rough engine sounds, but don’t worry – it’s nearby traffic, not the new Jag!

But car design is subjective. Not everyone is going to like the new XJ but – on balance – we reckon Jaguar are on to a winner.

New Jaguar XJ Driving in London

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