New Jaguar XJ Supersport Diesel coming?

The Jaguar XJ Supersport TDV8

The Jaguar XJ Supersport TDV8 - expect it in showrooms in 2011

Cars UK has been told that Jaguar are planning a diesel Supesport XJ next year, with the new 4.4 litre TDV8 delivering 375bhp and over 600lb/ft torque.

We’ve known for quite a while that Jaguar Land Rover were going to start putting a new V8 diesel in to their cars. The 3.6 litre TDV8 which goes in the Land Rover is a very good lump (made by Ford at Dagenham) with some decent horses and a nice fat lump of torque.

But the introduction by Jaguar of the 3.0 litre diesel and its subsequent introduction in to Land Rover’s cars meant the 3.6 litre’s days were numbered. The 3.0 litre gets very close to the 3.6 TDV8 in performance terms and no one would sensibly opt for the 3.6 TDV8 when the 3.0 TDV6 is a lump cheaper.

So as we reported last week, the 3.6 TDV8 in the Land Rover is going to be dropped for the 2011 model year and replaced by a 4.4 litre version of the same engine with more horses, more torque and better at the petrol pump. Our favourite deal – more power for less fuel.

But that set us thinking. At the moment Jaguar only offers the 3.0 litre diesel in the XJ and XF. What if they were to bolt in the new 4.4 litre TDV8 to the new XJ, creating the Jaguar XJ TDV8, or perhaps the Jaguar XJ Supersport TDV8? What could we expect, and will it happen? So we made a few phone calls and sent a few emails.

One Jaguar contact came back to say he’s expecting the new 4.4 litre diesel to turn up in the XJ next year. Suitably fettled it looks like it will offer around 375bhp and an absolute wall of torque – over 600lb/ft. Which will be enough to embarrass the Supercharged XJ to 60mph and yet still return up to 40mpg.

And although we love the Supercharged AJ-V8 we have to say that the thought of the new 4.4 litre TDV8 in the XJ (or even the XF?) which gets 40mpg when you’re not playing whets our appetite immensely.

Coveting a diesel. Whatever next?

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