New Lexus Concept teased for Frankfurt. Is this the Lexus RC, the IS Coupe?

A new Lexus Concept is being teased for the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Is it the Lexus RC, the anticipated Lexus IS Coupe?

New Lexus Concept teased for Frankfurt

New Lexus Concept teased for Frankfurt

With the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show now just a few weeks away, car makers are starting to tease their offerings, with this morning’s coming from Lexus with a tease photo for a new Lexus Concept.

Lexus aren’t giving anything away, but it does look like this tease could be for the new Lexus RC – and a powerful RC-F – Coupe, a two-door version of the latest IS.

That makes more sense from the proportions we can work out in the photo than a  first look at a more compact, sub-RX – SUV we also know is in the works, but we wonder how different it will be from the concept for the latest IS.

The LF-CC Concept was shown at last year’s Paris Motor Show as a preview of the new IS, but it wasn’t the four-door saloon the IS became when the production version arrived, but a two-door coupe.

And looking at the tease photo of the new Lexus Concept, the lines look very similar to the IS and the LF-CC Concept, the big grill is there and the only difference seems to be the headlights.

No doubt we’ll get more information soon. But if this is the IS Coupe/RC then we can probably look forward to a production version at Geneva 2014 ahead of a launch with the same engine options as the IS – and a powerful RC-F model – later in 2014.

The only flaw in this theory is that Lexus has already confirmed the arrival of the RC at the Tokyo show in November. Could it be that Frankfurt will see the concept and Lexus will reveal the production version at the Tokyo Show in November, rather than Geneva next spring?

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