New McLaren F1 to get 1000 bhp – private reveal at Pebble Beach

The new McLaren F1 – McLaren P12 Project – will be revealed to private clients at Pebble Beach next month and gets 1,000bhp.

New McLaren F1 Render

McLaren’s successor to the iconic McLaren F1 is nearly upon us, and according to a McLaren owner we’ve spoken to it looks set to be revealed privately at Pebble Beach next month prior to a public debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.

According to our source, McLaren already has at least two complete cars to show and has shown the new F1 – which may be the McLaren 799 – to a number of wealthy McLaren clients already.

The design is said to be spectacular – almost cartoon-like in its form – and a long way away from the almost generic supercar design of the MP4-12C. It gets even more liberal use of carbon fibre than the 12C but does have two seats rather than the three of the original F1.

Perhaps most interestingly, our source is adamant that the new F1 will be able to produce power approaching 1000bhp thanks to an output of close to 800bhp from its 3.8 litre V8 and a KERS boost for an additional 200bhp. Which sounds extraordinary if it’s true – but our source is adamant it’s correct.

It looks like McLaren are aiming to bring the new F1 to market as the quickest accelerating road car of all time – with a 0-62mph of under 2.5 seconds – although they appear to have no interest in fighting for the highest top speed badge of the Bugatti Veyron.

We should have more information when the new F1 arrives at Pebble Beach.

McLaren F1 Photos

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  1. Peloton25 says

    This report you have filed is unfortunately not accurate. No one would rather it was true than me as I am very eager to be present for reveal of McLaren’s P12. If it is not shown in Monterey then the chance for to be there when the cover does come off for the first time are highly unlikely.

    Three different representatives from McLaren Automotive who hold high ranking positions have confirmed there will be no public or private showing of the P12 Project/F1 successor in Monterey during the Pebble Beach weekend. This information is fresh and comes from people who would definitely be aware and involved if such a reveal of P12 were scheduled to take place. I asked one of them in a face-to-face conversation two months ago in Italy during the McLaren F1 Anniversary Tour and he would have had no reason to tell me anything but the truth.

    McLaren do have two VIP events scheduled to take place during the Monterey weekend. The first is a VIP Preview in McLaren’s own tent which will feature something “Special”, but definitely not the P12 in any form. The second event is the already well publicized reveal of the brand new 12C Spider in the Gooding & Company auction tent – a repeat of how they revealed the 12C Coupe originally in North America back in 2010. What is shown during the initial VIP event in McLaren’s tent will also be available for viewing on Sunday during the Pebble Beach Concours for those who have registered to gain access to their tent that day.

    Should I be proved wrong here I will be back to eat a healthy pile of crow, but I am quite careful to be certain when I make bold statements like this and I certainly wouldn’t be commenting here if I had any doubts about the info I am sharing.


    • Cars UK says

      Thanks, Erik.

      Our McLaren owner was very sure of his facts, but we certainly acknowledge your expertise on all things McLaren – and your contacts. We reported it because it came from a very reliable source.

      We’ll all find out next month!

      • Peloton25 says

        Thanks! :-)

        I took the extra step today of reconfirming what I believed to be true before commenting here as sometimes things can change fluidly. From what I heard, the story I was given at the end of May still holds true. Barring anything unforeseen I’ll definitely be in attendance at the first VIP event and assuming photography is permitted I’d be happy to supply you with some images of whatever McLaren has to share.


        • Cars UK says

          Thanks again, Erik.

          Whether P12 arrives next month or not, I think we can all agree it’s very close.

          We look forward to photos of whatever McLaren has up its sleeve at Monterey!

          • Peloton25 says

            So as a follow up to this story, several of McLaren’s VIP customers were indeed given a preview of the new McLaren Supercar during the Pebble Beach weekend. However, the car wasn’t actually there – this sneak-peek came in the form of a photo slideshow displayed on an iPad which was being kept very secure by one of the employees of McLaren Special Operations.

            The actual reveal of the car is will happen during Press Days at the Paris Motor Show which are scheduled for September 27th and 28th. I can’t wait!!


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