New Porsche 911 (2012) leaks out

2012 Porsche 911

First photos of the 2012 Porsche 911

The first photos of the 2012 Porsche 911 have leaked out, more than a month before the 911 is due to debut at Frankfurt.

You could argue, quite convincingly, that the first photos of the new Porsche 911 for 2012 are not exactly a big deal. And in some ways you’d be right.

You’d be right because we’ve had endless spy shots of the latest 911 from Porsche. Blimey, we’ve even had video of the new 911 with almost no disguise, save for a bit of exaggeration of the lights. But actually, the photos of the 2012 911 are a big deal.

We wondered if stretching the new 911 would alter the proportions. No one would accuse the 911 of being beautiful in the way a Ferrari or an Aston Martin can be, but there’s a certain dynamism about a 911; a rightness of form that makes it special. Thankfully, that’s still there.

What we can’t see from the photos is the new 3.4 litre lump, brought in to cut Porsche’s CO2 averages and boost its economy across the range, or the 3.8 that’s been tweaked to deliver 400bhp. But they’re there.

As is the 7-speed PDK and, we’re certain, a 7-speed manual ‘box. Which as ‘er indoors isn’t overly keen on going past fourth on a manual ‘box could cause problems at home if the new 911 proves an irresistible temptation. Been there, done that, but…

Inside the 2012 911 gets a cabin clearly inspired by the Porsche Panamera. It may not be as button-laden as its big brother, but the 911 certainly utilises the DNA of the latest Porsches – Cayenne and Panamera – in its cabin, just in a more understated way.

With a number of photos of the 2012 911 leaking out of Stuttgart – or more likely a magazine planning its Frankfurt special – it’s a fair bet we’ll see a raft of information and a plethora of images of the new 911 quite soon from Porsche.

Certainly before the 2012 911 bows in on the Porsche stand at Frankfurt.

2012 Porsche 911 Leak Photo Gallery

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  1. PhilipJH says

    How does the 911 manage to change so little, at least superficially, and yet make the preceeding model seem so dated straight away?

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