New Porsche Supercar at Detroit Motor Show – Video Tease

Porsche Detroit Supercar Tease

Porsche Detroit Supercar Tease

Porsche has sent us a teaser video showing what seems to be a new Porsche Supercar being wheeled in to the Detroit Motor Show under cover. A Porsche 918 Coupe? A new Carrera GT?

The Detroit Motor Show kicks off today for press – well, today Detroit time, which is a few hours yet – and car makers have been getting their product ready to show. And lots of that product is being sneaked in to keep prying eyes away before the official reveal happens later today or later this week.

But Porsche has filmed their promised ‘Something Spectacular’ as it arrives in Detroit to be readied for the eyes of the world to fall upon it. So what do we get? Is it a Bluesport Porsche or a Porsche 918 Coupe Supercar?

Looking at the footage we would have to err on the side of a new Porsche Supercar rather than an entry-level model. It looks like it could very well be a coupe version of the Porsche 918 Spyder – Porsche’s Eco Supercar – we first saw at Geneva in March..

But it may not be a Porsche 918 Coupe for the road. The rumourmill has it that Porsche are preparing the 918 Coupe to go racing with. So even if the ‘Something Spectacular’ is a Porsche 918 Coupe, it may not be a road car. In fact, it’s probably more likely to be a track car.

But we like to hope. A Porsche Carrera GT for 2012 would work for us.

New Porsche Supercar at Detroit Motor Show Tease Video

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