Nissan Juke-R: Official Shakedown & Testing (video)

Nissan Juke-R Test Video

Nissan Juke-R Official Test Video

After endless video teasing from Nissan, we now get to see a glimpse of the 480bhp Nissan Juke-R out testing at the MIRA track.

Just a few days ago we had video of the Nissan Juke-R out playing at Silverstone in the hands of French motoring media. And now we get the official Juke-R testing video from Nissan – just as we expected – and some extra Juke-R photos too.

Daft as the concept of a 480bhp Nissan Juke is, we do find it very appealing. Compact size, a high-riding position and performance that would shame almost anything on the road makes the Juke-R a very fun prospect. And although it’s clear that Nissan are playing with the Juke-R to garner as many column inches as they can, there is a real prospect that the Juke-R will, at some point, become a proper – if limited – production car. But what will it cost?

It seems unlikely that Nissan would pitch the Juke-R at GT-R levels, but it’s going to be moving in that direction; certainly something the wrong side of £40k seems likely. That would make the Juke-R twice as expensive as the most expensive regular Juke. But even at that level Nissan will make sales.

So now we’ve got the video from Nissan of the Juke-R finally out testing – video number ten, no less – is that the end of the video tease for the Juke-R?

Not a chance.

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Nissan Juke-R Official Testing Video

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