Nissan Leaf Revealed – 3 more Electric Cars to come

The Nissan Leaf revealed at Tokyo

The Nissan Leaf revealed at Tokyo

Nissan has revealed the Nissan Leaf EV at Tokyo and confirmed there are three more electric cars to come, including an electric Infiniti.

We had the first information on Nissan’s Leaf EV a couple of months ago, at about the time GM were trumpeting the massive economy of the Chevy Volt. Nissan trumped their figures in a mocking way with the Leaf, which has now had its public reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Not surprisingly, Carlos Ghosn – Nissan’s boss – has revealed that Nissan are working on a range of electric cars to be released in the next few years. Considering Nissan partners with Renault, and Renault announced something similar at Frankfurt, it’s not a huge shock toi the system that yet another car maker is going to churn out a range of EVs.

First up is the Leaf, with Nissan aiming to launch an electric version of their NV200 van later in 2010. Also likely is a production version of the Nissan Land Glider Concept revealed a week or so ago.

But Ghosn also revealed that they were intending producing an Electric Infiniti. He said this would be sooner rather than later and it seems likely that it will be based on the Leaf – just a Leaf plus luxury.

Have we ordered our new nuclear power station yet to supply all this electricity for cars? No? Just checking.

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