Nissan Pathfinder & Nissan Navara – UK prices

The Nissan Navara & Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Navara & Nissan Pathfinder get a 2010 update

Nissan has updated the Nisaan Navara and Nissan Pathfinder for 2010. We have prices and details of the extra kit.

Nissan has been having a tweak at the edges for 2010 on a couple of their more rugged offerings – the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Navara – and has now released UK pricing for the facelifted models. But what are you getting for the new prices?

The Nissan Pathfinder is more of a real off-roader than a soft-roader. It owes its appeal to being a proper mud-ruts vehicle. But thereby lies the problem. The Pathfinder is just not an on-road car in the way we’ve come to expect – even from 4x4s. It’s a bit of a wannabe Discovery (and from some angles it could almost be a Discovery. If you squint. In the right light. With the wind in the right direction. On a Tuesday.) but can’t pull things together on-road in the way a Disco can these days. But it is cheaper.

Equipment has improved on the 2010 Pathfinder with an Infotainment Centre that brings together all the DVD, SatNav, Connectivity and Storage in one unit. Blimey, it even streams audio via Bluettoth. You also get the seemingly required improvements to performance, economy and emissions and from September there will be a V6 diesel joining the party with 230 horses instead of the current 4-pot’s 188bhp.

So lots of improvements make the Nissan Pathfinder better for 2010. You can also add to the mix some very strong residuals. The Pathfinder is not horribly expensive in the first place and it holds on to a big chunk of that value very well.

So if you want a relatively cheap, rugged, well-built off-roader with the potential to carry seven (well, five and a couple of Snow White’s friends) the Nissan Pathfinder is a serious consideration.

Just as long as you don’t enjoy driving.

P.S. Ditto to the Navara but with a pick-up bolted on the back. With suspension from a hay cart. For people who wear cowboy boots and big hats.

Nissan Pathfinder 2010 UK prices

  • Pathfinder Acenta 2.5 dCi 190 £28,495
  • Pathfinder Tekna 2.5 dCi Manual £31,595
  • Pathfinder Tekna 2.5 dCi Auto £33,095

Nissan Navara 2010 UK prices

  • Acenta 2.5dCi 190 King Cab £16,895*
  • Acenta 2.5dCi 190 Double Cab £18,095*
  • Tekna 2.5dCi manual Double Cab £20,795*
  • Tekna 2.5dCi auto Double Cab £21, 895*

*Navara basic on the road prices, excluding VAT

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