Nissan TeRRA Concept FCEV (+ video)

Nissan has revealed the TeRRA Concept – a 4WD hydrogen fuel cell electric car – heading for a debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Nissan TeRRA Concept

With the Paris Motor Show getting ever closer, the reveals are starting to come thick and fast.

The Nissan TeRRA Concept is a hydrogen-powered SUV using electric motors from the LEAF with a chunk of its powertrain under the bonnet driving the front wheels and an an electric motor on each rear wheel, all powered bt a hydrogen fuel cell under the boot floor.

Nissan aren’t being particularly forthcoming on the TeRRA so we have no idea what its power out output, performance or range are. But if we use something like the Hyundai ix35 FCEV as a guide – which actually goes in to production this year – we’d expect something in the region of a 3-400 mile range on a single hydrogen fill and 0-62,ph in something the wrong side of 11 seconds.

Although the TeRRA appears to be just a concept, it seems likely Nissan are looking seriously at a hydrogen FCEV SUV with some of the styling cues from the TeRRA – like the rear suicide doors and no B-pillar (like the Ford B-Max) – and funky urban warrior looks.

The Nissan TeRRA Concept FCEV will debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show later this month.

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