Now it’s the turn of Hyundai to take a swipe at GM’s marketing

Hyundai GM Super Bowl

Hyundai's 2012 Super Bowl Advert (video below)

With the news that General Motors are to pull out of Super Bowl advertising Hyundai steps up to tell GM they’re wrong.

It’s really not been GM’s week.

Last week they came out and told the world that ads on Facebook aren’t worth the advertising cost and that they were pulling their spend from the (now) newly floated social media site.

That led to a somewhat opportunistic put-down from Ford which said it planned to increase its spending on social media, helpfully implying that GM didn’t understand how to use social media to promote. And they have a point. Although GM do too.

GM followed up its Facebook revelation with the news it also planned to stop advertising during the Super Bowl (which is a very big deal on the other side of the Pond). Which has given Hyundai the opportunity to come out and join Ford in questioning GM’s marketing choices.

Hyundai were quick to come out and say that the Super Bowl is not just an advert, it’s a huge social marketing opportunity. In other words, look at the bigger picture. Which was pretty much Ford’s message to GM over the Facebook story.

We need to be clear that this isn’t Ford and Hyundai giving GM marketing lessons, it’s two very successful marketing arms laughing at the very narrow view GM seem to be taking with their own marketing choices.

And, we need to remember, it was Ford who didn’t go to the  US government to bail out their business and Hyundai which, on both sides of the Pond, used very clever marketing to cash in on the economic downturn and drive sales, in the UK and Europe with scrappage and in the US with their job loss guarantee scheme.

Which makes their view very credible.

Hyundai 2012 ‘Rocky Theme’ Super Bowl Video

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    In the previous thread ( on the Facebook battle between Ford and GM I came down clearly on the side of GM. But in this case I think that GM is clearly wrong. The Super Bowl is the one event here on this side of the pond that unites all Americans and is a unique opportunity for a marketer to reach across all demographic segments.

    Beyond that, the ads are just as much a part of the event as the game itself. There’s tremendous anticipation for the ads in the run up to the came and the impact and success of the ads are front page news the following day in national newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today as well as on broadcast and cable TV outlets.

    This decision is even more curious as GM is reported to have a full slate of critical new model introductions for 2013 so it would seem that this is an opportunity that GM should not pass up. Just ask Chrysler with 2011’s “Imported from Detroit” ad. The ad marked the public turnaround of the company and in the 15 months since has raised its domestic market share by two full percentage points.

    My prediction? GM will reverse itself on this at some point between now and the 2013 Super Bowl will make a big announcement that they are going to advertise in the Super Bowl.

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