Official: New Alfa Romeo Spider based on new Mazda MX-5

Following a MOU in May 2012, Alfa Romeo has confirmed they will be launching a new Alfa Spider in 2015 based on the next Mazda MX-5

Alfa 2uettottanta Spider image

Back in May 2012, Fiat and Mazda signed a memorandum of understanding to produce a new Alfa Romeo Spider built on the same platform as the next generation Mazda MX-5, and that has now turned in to a solid agreement with the new Alfa Spider arriving in 2015.

But this won’t be a simple badge-engineering by Fiat to roll out a new Alfa Spider that’s just the same as the next MX-5 but with a different badge and grill, but will feature different styling and engines to make sure there is real differentiation between the roadsters.

That means the new Alfa Spider getting Italian styling (which we hope has more than a passing nod to the original Alfa Spider) an, it’s expected, Alfa’s 1750cc engine we’ll see in the new Alfa 4C when that arrives.

It’s a pragmatic move from Fiat – and clearly illustrates Sergio Marchionne’s desire to develop new Fiat models in co-operation with other car makers to keep costs in check – and also makes the next generation Mazda MX-5 a far more viable operation for Mazda.

And who knows, if Fiat manage to keep the electrics from the new MX-5 intact and just play with the suspension, engine and bodywork, the new Alfa Spider might even be reliable?

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