Pagani Huayra gets 1200w Sonus Faber Sound – and a HUGE price rise

The Pagani Huayra is getting a 1200w Sonus Faber Sound System – Pagani’s big news for Geneva 2012 – and a huge price increase too.

Pagani Huayra gets 1200w Sonus Faber Sound

We did wonder, just briefly, if Pagani’s tease for something new at Geneva 2013 would be the Huayra Raodster.

But we were soon steered away from that thought when Pagani released a second teaser for their news which made it pretty clear that the big news was all about a new Sound System option for the Huayra from Sonus Faber.

As you would (perhaps already?) expect in as expensive and individual a car as the Huayra, the sound system – from high-end makers Sonus Faber – is impressive and has been built in to the Huayra in a very impressive way too, complete with speaker diaphragms made of carbon fibre (what else?).

The 1200w sound – a huge increase in output from the Huayra’s normal sound system – has a digital processor that is said to create stunning sound (as good as the Naim system in Bentleys?) which can be customised by the owner to create exactly what they want.

Pagani hasn’t said how much they want for their new Sonus Faber sound system in the Huayra, but you can bet your boots it will be a big number. And talking of big numbers…

The Pagani Huayra is getting a 12oow Sonus Faber Sound System -  fitted in the back picturePagani has decided that they weren’t charging enough for the Huayra, so Horacio Pagani has been busy with his abacus, plucked a few nice sounding numbers out of thin air, and come up with a new price for the Huayra – an eye-watering, near as makes no difference, £1 million plus VAT.

That’s up by around 25 per cent on the Huayra’s launch price and puts the Huayra at least £250,000 more than the new McLaren P1 and more expensive than the new Ferrari F150 too.

That should help Pagani shift more metal.

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  1. PhilipJH says

    How much?!!! That’s enough for FOUR Lamborghini Aventadors, a Rolls Royce Phantom and enough change to pay for the chauffeur too. Silly money.

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