Pagani Zonda F Cinque – er, no it’s not!


The mysterious 'Zonda F Cinque' - which is actually a Regular Zonda Cinque

Pagani has been threatening to build the Zonda R – a race track only car – for a very long time. Only five were scheduled to be built and all are destined for the Far East. But despite finally getting round to officially unveiling the Zonda R last month, it is probably going to be at least the end of the year before the cars are actually built.

But we are still to see the Zonda Cinque (which is essentially a tamed-down Zonda R for the road) in the wild, and probably because of that the car sites around the world were full of a mysterious ‘Zonda F Cinque’ that was going to turn up at the Geneva Motor Show.

But we had our doubts. We have pretty good contacts at Pagani, and although we knew that the Pagani coming to Geneva was in fact the Cinque (as well as the Zonda R) we wanted to work out where the rumour came from.

It appears that Pagani is currently building a Cinque look-a-like for a client in Germany. Based on the Zonda F , it will look exactly the same, but be more ‘F’ than Cinque. And, despite the rumours, it will even have the air scoop on the roof. So that’s what must have confused the world’s car press.

And just to refresh your memory, you’ll find photos of the Zonda Cinque and the Zonda R in the galleries below, together with the Zonda Cinque press release.

So that sorts that out then!

Pagani Zonda Cinque Photo Image Gallery

Pagani Zonda R Photo Image Gallery

Pagani Zonda Cinque Press Release

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  1. says

    I’ve read this article a long time ago, and I think right now it’s time to check it back and correct it.
    The car shown in Geneva is a genuine Zonda Cinque, the first out of five, even if right after the show it came back to the factory to receive a modified bonnet and final session of the air scoop.
    A lot of clients are updating their F cars with Cinque parts, while someone also went so far as asking for a one-off out of the F basis.
    That may be what confused you, along with your contact at Pagani.

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