Pagani Zonda R: Nurburgring Record Video

The Zonda R Nurburgring

The Zonda R setting a record lap at the Nurburgring

Pagani broke the Nurburgring record earlier this month with the Zonda R which set a time of 6m 47s. We have the whole lap on video

Back in April we reported that Ferrari were claiming a Nurburgring record for the 599xx. This made-up-by-Ferrari record was for the fastest time round the Nurburgring by a road based car, or so Ferrari claimed.

Of course, they were wrong on so many levels, despite the 599xx setting a cracking time of 6m 58.16s. The trouble was that Ferrari were not only claiming a record that didn’t exist in the first place, they hadn’t even done their homework properly. Or maybe they had?

If we apply the criteria Ferrari seem to have applied to their new ‘record’ then I suppose they have it. Because it seems they mean road based / production based cars which are not road legal. Which is a pretty small niche.  Laughably, their ‘record’ had been beaten a year before by the road legal Radical SR8LM with a time of 6m 48s in August of last year, having driven to the Nurburgring from the UK.

So instead of having a nice bit of news about how stunning the 599xx is, Ferrari just got scorn for making up a record that had already been beaten by a car that could drive across a continent legally to the ‘Ring and then put in a better time than theirs.

But let’s suppose for a minute that the Radical isn’t included in Ferrari’s tight record classification. On that basis they had a ‘Ring record. But only for a very short time. For that other track-monster – the Pagani Zonda R – went off to the Nurburgring at the beginning of this month and turned in a time of 6m 47s, which not only soundly beats the 599xx but shades the Radical too.

So the undisputed ‘King of the ‘Ring’ is the Pagani Zonda R. And now we have the whole incredible lap on video.

Enjoy. It is a great drive.

Pagani Zonda R Nurburgring record video

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