Pagani Zonda R sets Nurburgring Record

The Pagani Zonda R

Pagani Zonda R sets Nurburgring Record

It appears that a track-only Pagani – The Pagani Zonda R – has trashed the ‘Road Based’ lap record set by the Ferrari 599xx at the Nurburgring by 11 seconds.

Yes, the ‘Not for the Road’ Pagani Zonda R has set a lap record at the Nurburgring for what is now being described as ‘Road Based’ cars. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Don’t all cars run on roads – of one description or another? In fact we think the phrase has been coined to legitimise the ‘Nurburgring Record’ set recently by the Ferrari 599xx.

But we have to be consistent here. When the Ferrari 599xx posted its Nurburgring Record we did say it had no legitimacy as the 599xx isn’t a road car. Hence, we guess, this ‘Road Based’ car garbage. Not only that, but the record set by the 599xx of 6m 58.16s was actually slower than the time set by the Radical SR8.

The Radical SR8LM posted a lap time of 6m 48s in August of last year at the Nurburgring having driven there on public roads from the UK. But having set the ball in motion with a made-up Nurburgring, Ferrari were setting themselves up for a fall. And that highly dubious 599xx record has been beaten by the Pagani Zonda R.

Pistonheads are reporting that a Pagani Zonda R lapped the Nurburgring yesterday (30/6/10) in 6m 47s, which not only roundly thrashes the record set by the 599xx but also shades that set by the Radical last year. Which is not too shoddy.

And it’ll teach Ferrari not to try and invent new classes for records. Not when there’s a track-focused Zonda on the prowl.

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