Range Rover Evoque delivers VIPs to Frankfurt off-road (video)

Land Rover chauffeured their Brand Ambassadors to the Frankfurt Motor Show in a Range Rover Evoque, but not in a conventional way.

Photo Range Rover Evoque off-road Frankfurt

The Range Rover Evoque delivers VIPs to the Frankfurt Motor Show

If you’ve got a famous face, and your background is deemed a ‘fit’, car makers will seek to sign you up as a ‘Brand Ambassador’ to promote their offerings. And with that will come a number of perks.

There will be suitable remuneration, access to ‘loan’ cars and a raft of benefits to reward brand promotion. And one of those benefits will be making your transit when promoting the brand as easy as possible.

So Land Rover Brand Ambassadors arriving at the Frankfurt Motor Show could expect a Land Rover driver to be waiting to ferry them to the show from their arrival point in the city.

And Land Rover duly obliged with a nice new Range Rover Evoque ready and waiting to cross Frankfurt with their VIPs comfortably ensconced in the passenger seat.

But Land Rover had a bit of a PR stunt under their hats at Frankfurt, with the chauffeur Evoques suitably wired up with on-board cameras to capture their VIPs reaction as the Evoque driver decided roadworks en-route necessitated a bit of a ‘detour’.

The detour necessitated the Evoque traversing all sorts of obstacles including steep gradients, loose surfaces and even a pyramid of palettes as the Evoque headed towards the Frankfurt Motor Show on a route through parts of Frankfurt visitors would never normally see.

It’s an amusing way to show the Evoque’s abilities go much deeper than just an urban SUV, and that under the designer skin is a real Land Rover with real off-road credentials.

But if you’re a Chauffeur Company running Range Rovers you might like to think again if you’re planning a similar stunt with your VIP passengers.

After all, they’re paying you to be there, whereas Land Rover are paying their VIPs – who included  actor Kostja Ullman, aerobatic pilot Hannes Arch, Italian brewer and beer connoisseur Teo Musso, and Anglo-Emirati film director and producer Ali Mostafa – to be in the Evoque’s passenger seat.

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