Range Rover Evoque Service Pack: 5 years servicing for £499

Land Rover is launching a Service Pack for the Range Rover Evoque which covers all servicing costs for 5 years for a single payment of £499.

Photo Range Rover Evoque

Keeping ongoing running costs to a minimum has not always been a key part of car makers’ pitch, but they’re starting to realise that long-term warranties and fixed-price servicing are a key part of making a sale.

But it’s not just that buyers of new cars are keen on the idea of long warranties and fixed (or inclusive) service packs that drive car makers to offer better warranties and Service Pack deals, but that offering them keeps the new car buyer inside the dealer network with all the opportunities that potentially presents for up-selling and new car pitching.

So the news that Land Rover has decided to dip its collective foot in the water of fixed cost servicing is no surprise, and the offer’s a fairly decent one – a Service Pack for the Range Rover Evoque costs just £499.

For your ‘Monkey’ upfront you get all the regular servicing needs of your new Evoque done and dusted for 5 years (or 50,000 miles on the petrol Evoque and 60,000 miles on the diesel). Not only that, but you can also pass on the Service Pack when you sell your Evoque, adding value in the process.

Jeremy Hicks, JLR MD, said:

The Range Rover Evoque has proved to be enormously popular as a blend of modern design, practicality and capability – in fact over 80 per cent of Evoque customers are new to the brand.

This is the first time Land Rover has introduced the concept of a service pack which aims to give customers a simple and effective way to look after their Evoque in the early years of ownership through Land Rover experts across the country.

The Service Pack deal can be ordered with any new Evoque, and anyone who’s bought an Evoque since 1st January 2013 can cough up their ‘Monkey’ and grab the deal.

It’s a sensible mover by JLR, and no doubt one we’ll see rolled out (at varying prices) across both the Land Rover and Jaguar range in coming months.

But what we’d really like to see is JLR offering a 5 year warranty and 5 years servicing in the price; a great way to show their belief in their now very appealing range. It would inspire confidence in the reliability of JLR’s cars and do wonders for residuals.

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  1. Hardeep says

    What a great idea. I’m sure a 5 year guarantee and service would make a big difference to Land Rovers sales.

  2. Fried Eggs says

    Land Rovers break. It’s what they do, but a 5 year net would be a HUGE selling plus.I just can’t see Land Rover doing it.

  3. Sara James says

    I really love what Land Rover have done recently but I feel the same about Land Rovers (and Jaguars) as I do about electric cars. With electric cars it’s range anxiety and with Land Rover it’s reliability anxiety. The sort of service and warranty you suggest would take that away.

  4. Bigman says

    That’s a really interesting suggestion on the 5 + 5 warranty service plan. I wonder how much it would cost Land Rover? They already give 3 years warranty and extra years average out around a grand. Add in the service deal and it would cost ‘lose’ them around £2.5k. What’s the average sale price? £50k? Just find a way to up that by 5% and it will cost them nothing and bring in lots more sales. It would certainly convince me.

  5. Brian79 says

    Agree that if they really believed in their products they’d offer 5/5 warranty and service. It would also poke the Germans in the eye.

  6. Dteamer says

    £500? That’s a lump less than I got quoted for a 3 year service deal with the local stealers (£1250). And count me in on the yes please 5 years warranty/Service pack included – that would swing it for me.

  7. SimonSez says

    YES! 5 year warranty & 5 years servicing included would make a no argument incentive to buy. DO IT.

  8. Percy says

    Yes, a sensible way for Land Rover to go. I couldn’t agree more that offering 5 years warranty and servicing would really help the perception that their vehicles are potentially fragile.It would inspire me to buy rather than just consider.

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