Range Rover Sport (2010) Official Photo Gallery

The Range Rover Sport 2010 MY

The newly refreshed Range Rover Sport

A gallery of photos of the updates, 2010 MY Range Rover Sport which was launched at the 2009 New York Motor Show.

Land Rover launched updated versions of its three main models – the Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – at the 2009 New York Motor Show.

The changes to the exterior of the Range Rover Sport were fairly modest and included a new grill with two bars and some new lights back and front.

But the big changes to the 2010 MY Range Rover Sport were to the interior. Gone was the somewhat sombre, low-rent interior with a million and one switches, to be replaced by a much cleaner interior using Jaguar’s TFT touchscreen to replace 50% of the buttons.

But it wasn’t just a tidier dash that changed, it was the quality of the interior. The Range Rover Sport finally felt like a sport version of the Range Rover.

And that’s high praise.

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