March 30, 2015

Renault Koleos White Edition launched

Renault has announced the Renault Koleos White Edition today

Renault has announced the Renault Koleos White Edition today

Renault has announced a new Koleos – the Renault Koleos White Edition – with Dynamique trim and a bespoke paint job.

The Renault Koleos is an odd looking creation. When Renault launched the Koleos they said it was part Megane, part 4×4 and part SUV. A mongrel, in other words. But like a lot of mongrels it may look a bit odd, but under the skin beats a pretty good heart.

Unlike their Gallic counterparts PSA, Renault didn’t take a Mitsubishi Outlander and splice some French bits on. Instead, they went to Nissan, nicked the X-Trail underpinnings and proceeded to produce their mongrel Koleos. Remarkably – once you get over the looks – the car is pretty competent.

But sales of 4×4 / crossovers are not the strongest thing in the marketplace at the moment, so Renault has churned out a limited edition model to try and get a few extra sales under their belt – the Renault Koleos White Edition.

The Koleos White Edition is based on the Dynamique trim level, including Bluetooth, DVD Nav, Bose, drop-down tables in the back and two-tone leather. Exterior titivation includes chrome skid plates, privacy glass, rear lip spoiler, 18″ alloys and a new ‘Mineral Beige’ colour option. Other colours available are Argent Grey and Perlé White.

No word yet on whether the Koleos White Edition is coming to the UK as we got the details of the White Edition from Renault in France, so we only have French prices. But we’ll update this if and when Renault announce the White Edition for the UK.

Renault Koleos White Edition Models & Prices

  • Renault Koleos White Edition dCi 150 DPF (1,995cc) €29,350
  • Renault Koleos White Edition dCi 150 DPF 4×4 (1,995cc) €31,350
  • Renault Koleos White Edition dCi 150 DPF 4×4 automatic (1,995cc) €32,850

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  1. Elaine Usletten says:

    can u please reply back to me about this new renault koleos but is this bigger than a lexus rx because it said something about lexus rx but i never read it all my next door neighbour has a koleos but it is just an oringal 1

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