Renault Megane CC (2010) Teased

The Renault Megane CC 2010 Tease

Renault are teasing the 2010 Megane CC ahead of a launch at Geneva in March

Renault has released a ‘Teaser’ picture of the Renault Megane CC which is due to launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

We’ve got used over the last few years to car makers milking the launch of every new model, update, trim change and engine mod with a few judiciously ‘Arty’ teaser photos to whet the appetites of prepect buyers. Although in truth they’re really providing stories for online news. We’re always hungry for stories and car makers know that. So even if there’s nothing too stunning to report, it’s still news, and we still run it.

Today it’s the turn of Renault with a tease for the new Renault Megane – the Coupe Cabriolet (CC) – which is due to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Yes, it should be a half-decent looking car and yes, a launch at Geneva should give it a good kick-start for the Summer. But there’s probably going to be nothing ground breaking.

The Megane CC will look like drop-top version of the Megane Hatch. It’s going to get a glass roof which will store in the big boot. The engine choices are likely to be the same as the Megane hatch and will include an entry-level 1.5 dCi and a 178bhp 2.0 litre turbo. Prices will start around £20,000.

There. Now you know all there is to know about the Renault Megane CC for 2010.

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