Rolls Royce: China to be bigger market than UK

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce sales are up 146% this year and China looks set to be their second biggest market after the USA.

If ever you needed a sigh of the rise and rise of astronomical wealth in China it’s the revealtion that Rolls Royce expects China to overtake the UK in market size this year, and be second only to the US. What would Chairman Mao have to say?

But it’s not just China that’s good news for Rolls Royce as boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös revealed that Rolls Royce’ sales will double this year, having already hit almost 700 units in the first five months of the year. Which is a big turnaround from last year.

In 2009 Rolls Royce had to cut production and lay off agency staff whilst waiting for the Ghost to hit the market. But with the ‘Baby’ Rolls Royce – the Rolls Royce Ghost – arriving in showrooms at an almost sane starting price of £195,000, sales for Rolls Royce have risen by over 140%. And there should be more to come.

With additional variants of the Ghost expected to come on stream in 2011 – including a convertible and coupe – it seems reasonable to expect Rolls Royce sales to continue to grow.

Especially in China.

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