Rolls Royce EX200 (RR4) about to surface

There’s been a whole heap of shots of the new baby Rolls, the RR4 as it’s known internally, and we featured some last month. To add to the mix, we’ve also grabbed an interior shot of the new Rolls, which we reckon will be known as the Rolls Royce Ghost or the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

But news has now arrived that Rolls Royce is actually planning on revealing the EX200 concept car at Geneva, which is pretty much what the new Rolls will be. Rolls Royce boss Tom Purves revealed the car will show, and confirmed it is on track for a launch early next year, after its debut at Frankfurt in September.

Interior of the new baby Rolls Royce - the RR4 or EX200 Concept - which will show at Geneva

Interior of the new baby Rolls Royce - the RR4 or EX200 Concept - which will show at Geneva

Although the new car is thought of as a rival for Bentley, we hear that it will in fact be pitched only a little below the existing Phantom, so it will actually cost substantially more than the Flying Spur or the Arnage. In fact, special models of the new Rolls Royce are expected to exceed the price of the standard Phantom, so it’s going to be an interesting marketing exercise.

On paper, the new car seems to be securely based on the 7 Series BMW (you can even see Rolls’ version of the idrive in the interior shot here) but the car will have 80% bespoke components. Aimed at a younger market, Purves said that Rolls Royce viewed it , in comparison to the Phantom, as “more like a well cut sports jacket than a tuxedo”.

The interior of the car is significantly different to both the Phantom and the 7 Series, so it will have an identity clearly its own. The suicide doors from the Phantom carry over as a Rolls Royce theme, and the engine will be a completely new V12.

After all these spy shots it will be nice to see the concept in the flesh. And we are reliably informed that the EX200 is very close to the final car.

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