Rolls Royce Phantom Facelift: Geneva 2012

The entire 2012 Rolls Royce Phantom Series II family

2012 Rolls Royce Phantom Series II - the whole range gets a facelift

The Rolls Royce Phantom Series II Facelift has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show across the entire Phantom range. In showrooms June 2012.

It would be quite hard to work out what Goodwood has done to the Rolls Royce Phantom to give it a facelift for 2012, despite which it is the most comprehensive raft of changes to RR’s flagship since the Phantom launched almost a decade ago, to create the Rolls Royce Phantom Series II.

Under the skin the biggest change is a new 8-speed gearbox, new diff and updated electronics for the Phantom’s many toys. These changes – particularly the new 8-speed gearbox – are said to improve economy by 10 per cent and emissions by a similar amount.

RR has had a play with the lights on the Phantom and they now boast full LED headlights with cornering which change their intensity in response to speed an ambient light, and the round spots go in favour of a thin LED strip. The lower parts of the bumpers – front and rear – get resculptured.

Inside it’s pretty much business as usual, but the improved electronic systems in the cabin do have a new SatNav system to run with an 8.8″ screen and the cameras – front, back and top – have been improved.

In the world of Rolls Royce this all adds up to the RR Phantom Series II – for the Phantom, EWB. Coupe and Drophead Coupe – with sales starting in June.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series II

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