Rolls Royce Wraith Tease continues

The Rolls Royce Wraith – coupe sibling to the RR Ghost – continues its tease reveal ahead of a debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Rolls Royce Wraith Tease of back end image

We’ve been expecting a coupe version of the Rolls Royce Ghost to arrive ever since the saloon arrived. And last month we learned the Ghost Coupe would be the Wraith.

A few days after the news that the new Ghost Coupe would be the Wraith, Rolls Royce started to tease their new sporty coupe with a teaser photo showing the profile of the Wraith – suitably shadowy, of course – and illustrating that this new Rolls Royce will be the most sporty RR we’ve ever seen.

When we got the last tease photo of the Wraith in from Rolls Royce, we did warn you to expect an ongoing drip feed of teases and photos before the Wraith arrived at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, so you won’t be surprised to discover we have a new tease in our inbox this morning.

This time we get to see the back end of the Wraith – in shadow – which shows a big pair of tailpipes and a set of muscular shoulders. And not much more.

All Rolls Royce has to say this time is – apart from the fact the Wraith possesses a character defined by Power, Style and Drama – is:

For 108 years, effortless power delivery has been inherent to the Rolls-Royce brand promise. This image depicts Wraith’s muscular rear haunches – a visual cue that gives bold expression to Wraith’s promise of dynamism. A sense that this is a car set to move with purpose on its driver’s command.

And so to the question of Power. In times gone by, when asked the question, Rolls-Royce would simply reply, “Adequate, Sir”. However, for Wraith we feel it right to be a touch more explicit:

“More than ample.”

That more than ample is north of 600bhp from the 6.6 litre V12 under the bonnet of the Wraith. As for the rest – unless we’re going to get a full reveal before – we’ll have to wait until Geneva.

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